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Research Methods Syllabus - University of Pittsburgh...

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University of Pittsburgh – Department of Psychology Psy 0035 Research Methods Wed 6:00-8:30 pm 232 Cathedral of Learning (CL) Spring 2008 Matthew M. Monin 3421 Sennott Square Phone: 412.624.4143 Email: Office Hours: Monday 3:30-5 pm and by appointment This course is designed to provide an introduction to the world of research methods. Its primary goals are to: a) teach you the basics of designing, conducting, and communicating psychological research; b) encourage you to become a critical consumer of basic and applied research; c) provide you with hands-on research experience; and d) teach you the basics of using information technology to conduct research and interpret and present results. Although the emphasis will be on the application of methodological principles to substantive research problems in various areas of psychology (e.g., social, clinical, and cognitive psychology), we will also consider the implications of methodological principles for "real-world" research issues. Required Textbooks : 1) McBurney, D.H. and White, T.L. (2007). Research Methods (7th ed.). Thomson/Wadsworth. 2) American Psychological Association (2001). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.). Washington, DC. Course Website : Courseweb # 2084-11043. The course website contains detailed course information, including announcements, the syllabus, lecture outlines, handouts, old exams, and email addresses. If you don't already have one, the staff in any of the CIS computing labs can help you set up your Pitt computer account, which you must have to gain full access to the website. If you have trouble using our website, please contact the CIS helpdesk, your lab instructor, or me. Schedule of Topics and Reading Assignments Date Topic Readings W 1/9 Introduction None Psychology as Science Chapter 1 W 1/16 Measurement Chapter 5 Video - "Against All Odds: Picturing Distributions" Appendix A W 1/23 Data Description Chapter 6
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Page 2 Date Topic Readings W 1/30 Validity Chapter 7 W 2/6 Methods of Control Chapter 8 Video - "Against All Odds: The Question of Causation W 2/13 FIRST EXAM W 2/20 Nonexperimental Research: Observational, etc Chapter 9 Video - "Against All Odds: Samples and Surveys" W 2/27 Survey Research Chapter 10 W 3/5 Randomized Experiments: Single-Factor Designs Chapter 11 W 3/12 Spring Break (Have fun!) W 3/19 Randomized Experiments: Factorial Designs Chapter 12 W 3/26 SECOND EXAM W 4/2 Single-Subject Designs Chapter 13 Quasi Experiments Chapter 14 W 4/9 TBA Video - "Against All Odds: Time Series" W 4/16 Ethics Chapter 3 W 4/23 THIRD EXAM COMMUNICATION Please feel free to email me. I try to reply to students within 24 hours. Email is great for brief communications.
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Research Methods Syllabus - University of Pittsburgh...

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