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Net income 8,200 $ Add: Depreciation 10,000 Less: Gain on sale of vehicle (200) Changes in assets and liabilities Merchandise inventory (58,000) Other current assets 3,000 Accounts payable (30,000) Income taxes payable 3,000 Total Cash Flow from Operations (64,000) Purchases of equipment (104,000) Total Cash Flow from Investing (104,000) Dividends (15,000) Issuance of short term debt
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Unformatted text preview: 16,000 Issuance of note payable 150,000 Proceeds from stock issuance 11,000 Total Cash Flow from Financing 162,000 Increase (decrease) in cash (6,000) Cash at the beginning of the period 29,000 Cash at the end of the period 23,000 $ ABC Company Statement of Cash Flows For the year ended December 31, 2003...
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