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John Edwards Campaign Stragedy

John Edwards Campaign Stragedy - Chris Duenas English Comp...

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Chris Duenas English Comp. II Flaherty 4 February 2008 A David versus two Goliaths; Can a Populist succeed in a corporate America? Since John Edwards, former Vice President Contender and Former senator of North Carolina, entered his name as a presidential candidate the question has been, can a populist succeed and become president in a corporate-based America? That question got answered on January 30 th, 2008 when Senator John Edwards pulled his name out of the running for the democratic presidential nomination. Edwards, who in the last election was so close to the White House as a Vice President, fell to third place in the Democratic chase for the presidential nominee. Edwards southern-based campaigning came up short compared to his powerhouse opponents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While his competitors were traveling across the country gaining votes from the youth demographic and other important demographics. Edwards aimed his campaign towards southern based middle class families. This was a wise choice because he is from the south and can relate but he was unable to relate to many other demographics such as, Barack Obama relating towards the young new voters. Opponent, Barack Obama, motivated young adults to take an active interest in issues that their generation will have to solve. This was problematic because Edwards only focused his attention to one specific group of people. In this election, Edwards over-looked the youth’s determination to vote, something his opponents targeted. When it came down to the issues Edwards was the first to introduce a few issues, such as a Universal health care plan, an elimination of lobbyists in Washington and a seize of all funding towards the Iraq war. If these are some of the same issues that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support, so if he was the first to show his support on these issues, why did he fail to gain votes? One of the issues is lack of media support for the South Carolina Senator. He was continually overshadowed by his “celebrity “opponents. The media can make or break a candidate in an election. For example, in the Republican Party Texas Senator Ron Paul is continuously being censored from the media. When CNN talks about Super Tuesday and who is still in the running, the only names that are heard are John McCain,
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Duenas2 Mitt Romney, and John Huckabee. Yet, Ron Paul is still running and actually gains more votes than Huckabee in numerous polls. Also, during the CNN debates they did not give Senator Paul a chance to voice his opinions. Despite Ron Paul’s popularity among young voters he is unable to broaden his audience because of this lack in media support. The media, in John Edwards’s case, gave more emphasis on Obama and Clinton because for the first time an African-American and a woman have a chance to become president. This gave the media more options and stories to work with compared to the usual successful white male with a comb over.
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John Edwards Campaign Stragedy - Chris Duenas English Comp...

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