MKT 305 Assignment 1

MKT 305 Assignment 1 - Elena Gavelis Due: 02/12/08...

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Elena Gavelis Due: 02/12/08 Marketing 305-12 Assignment #1 In a town full of college students, advertisements are not hard to come by. Walking down Main Street you can see any number of them, including billboards for Captain Morgan pulled by vehicles, banners like the current one announcing the Chico Nut Festival, or flyers being distributed by Gearhead, a local tattoo shop. With so many options, it’s never easy to make a decision on what product to choose. There are, though, five elements that affect our decisions. These elements include social, economic, technological, competitive and regulatory forces. As a buyer, these factors affected me in the recent purchase of a new television. Competition was the main force that I noticed being affected by in my environment. Even narrowing down the purchase to a supplier, (which was Costco due to its quality and prices), the possibilities seemed endless. The selection of televisions in Costco exhibited ‘monopolistic competition.’ There were many brands, sizes, types and price levels, and each one could be substituted for another. We were deciding between two main types, LCD and Plasma. With a coupon for the LCD, we ended up choosing a 37” 720P LCD television, made by Toshiba. Social forces affected me, also.
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MKT 305 Assignment 1 - Elena Gavelis Due: 02/12/08...

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