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Elena Gavelis BLaw 302 Green Box, p 93: 1. This violates the equal protection clause because it limits the “liberty of some persons, but not others” (92). If it violated substantive due process the “law or action limits the liberty of all persons to do something” (92). 2. a. Strict Scrutiny b. Intermediate Scrutiny c. Rational Basis Test 3. a. Compelling State Interest b. Substantially related to government policies c. Conceivable rational basis that it is related to a legitimate government interest. 4. Intermediate scrutiny because it is substantially related to an important government objective, the safety of motorcyclists and all motorists.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Yes, applying this statute the situation, it is constitutional. This is because motorcyclists and other motorists are not similarly situated in this regard. 4-1 Yes. The privileges and immunities clause would apply here. They are treating people from other states unfairly, as the straight flaps are required in Florida and legal in 35 other states. 4-3 Yes. They have violated his right to freedom of religion by going against the free exercise clause that guarantees that no person can be compelled to do something that is contrary to his or her religious beliefs. (In this case, working on Saturday)....
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