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Elena Gavelis Business Law 302 Problems 16-1, 16-3, 16-4, 16-6 1. Yes, Alexander is an intended third party beneficiary. By putting his name on the title this expressly designates Alexander as an intended beneficiary in the contract. On this basis, Alexander is able to sue Jackson Auto Sales to fulfill its promises in the contract. 3. Since the contract prohibits assignment, unless first approved by the landlord, and the assignment of the balance on the contract will materially alter the landlords risk, the landlord is correct in this situation. 4. Inez must accept and pay for the boat. With the plans being designed, and any boat builder able to successfully fulfill them, there is no reason that the Whale of a Boat Corp. can not delegate the building of this boat to Quick Brothers. If the plans had not been
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Unformatted text preview: specified, then the building of the boat should not have been delegated. Whale of a Boat Corp. would have been hired for their expertise, and the delegation to another company would have varied the performance from that expected by that of Inez. 6. According to the text, rights can not be assigned if a statute expressly prohibits assignment, the contract is for personal services, the assignment will materially alter the obligators risk or duties or the contract prohibits assignment. Since the contract prohibits assignment, this could mean that LeMieux cannot assign his money, but because the issue is money, this is an exception to the rule. Nothing can bar the free flow of money unless stipulated by law. LeMieux, on this basis, should be able to assign his money....
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