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Week One Outline Lecture Three—A Liberal Peace? Key questions to consider: 1) How did old continental enmities compromise the Paris Treaties? 2) Did the New Internationalism symbolized by the League of Nations collide or coincide with the aims of New Imperialism? 3) What ultimately became of Wilson’s proclamation of a “world made safe for democracy”? I) Wilson’s “Peace Without Victors” and European Realpolitik a) American Prominence After the War i) Major arbiter of the peace process (1) Britain’s and France’s pyrrhic victory (2) America as a global power America’s entry into the war was timely. -vast resources -judge of the war -France and England won pyrrhic victory (not much of a win) -France and England were bankrupt, fractured infrastructure -only the US and Japan were growing stronger subsequent to France and England’s crumbling -providing France and UK with sources, and the end of WWI pushed US to the position of superpower b) Ideal vs. Pragmatic Agenda i) Wilson’s “Fourteen Points” (1) Justified the U.S. compulsion to enter war (a) Circumventing the practical reasons --Wilson explains the US compulsion for entering the war -echoes of the Declaration of Independence in 14 points -clearly establishes from the traditional isolationism -world felt for the first time US would enter and bring good to world politics -Pragmatic reasons were German u-boats undermining the lucrative trade -Another reason US entered war was because Germany was secretly messaging Mexico supporting a possible overthrow of the Americans for Mexico (threat) -important to look at 14 points at all angles, don’t fall for the idealism -Wilson wants to assure the freedom of the seas because of commerce (freedom
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1-3 - Week One Outline Lecture Three-A Liberal Peace Key...

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