1-9 - Week Two Outline Lecture Five Modernity and the...

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Week Two Outline Lecture Five: Modernity and the Divided Self I) Capitalism and Social Alienation a) Erich Fromm vs. Sigmund Freud i) The Frankfurt School influence ii) Fromm’s challenge to Freud’s libido theory b) Modern Alienation from Industry i) For workers (1) Logic of Fordism -Revolutionary way of production, production is broken into stages, maximize efficiency, minimize slack, the producers and workers can no longer experience the full gratification of the things they produce, new phenomenon in Western society, workers are alienated from their own labor as a commodity, (2) Role of unions -unions represent and dictate what workers interests are ii) For owners (1) Role of management -owners are also alientated from the companies they invest in, they become remote (like today-stock holders), they rely on site management to run these companies. X Two main sources of alienation is ownership and worker c) Modern Alienation from Consumption i) Palliatives to sense of aloneness and insignificance -workers get this sense of loneliness, what is the point of what I’m doing?, they don’t get to see the final product. -what does capitalism do? -this time of working leads to amusement and leisure that amuse workers who feel like they have no meaning in life, they look forward to leisure they might experience -on holiday weekends people who slave, they stampede to Las Vegas. -routine of leisure and amusement works as a drug to get through the monotony of life -or workers like to consume, consumption gives us the illusion of power, asserting our individualism, in reality it comes to an illusion of choice, we are fact in manipulated like a herd, easily molded through consumption machine, great contribution of Frankfurt school, understanding capitalism through consumption, -Fromm points out (Art of Loving) that capitalism thrives on those who
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1-9 - Week Two Outline Lecture Five Modernity and the...

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