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1 The Odyssey was written by Homer in _____, and the epic chronicles the journey of the hero Odysseus. Odysseus is the King of Ithaca, a husband to his wife Penelope and a father to his son Telemachus. When the epic begins, Odysseus has been gone from home for twenty years. He originally left to fight with the other Aeneans in the Trojan War, but the war had been over for years. He was on his journey home, but no one has any idea what happened to him after the war. His family did not know whether he had died and they would need to perform burial rites to honor his body, or whether he was still going to come home. Unbeknownst to both Odysseus and his family, When Odysseus first returns home, he does straight to Eumaeas in the fields. Eumaeas is one of Odysseus’ most trusted servants, and the hospitality Odysseus receives from him, even while dressed as a beggar, proves his goodness and loyalty to his master. This trust leads Odysseus to reveal himself for the first time.
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