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Clouse 1 George Clouse Kenneth Faunce Gened 111-12 Chinese Tradition and Western Tradition: A Clash of Cultures In Bound Feet and Western Dress , by Pang-Mei Natasha Chang, the author juxtaposes Western tradition with Chinese tradition and proves that the two cultures do not compare. The main character in the novel, Chang Yu-i explains her life throughout her childhood until the time of this novel constantly rebelling against ancient Chinese traditions passed on from generation to generation. Yu-i rebelled against many different Chinese traditions especially the Confucian ethic of filial piety, or the respect of your ancestors and elders. Most notably, Yu-i refuses to bound her feet, which is an ancient Chinese tradition that is supposed to make woman more appealing to men. However, it also debilitates women so it is difficult for women to leave their homes and abandon age-old Chinese traditions. Yu-i went on to marry a famous Chinese poet named Hsu Chih-mo, who strongly believed in male dominance, but her husband could not put up with Yu-i challenging Chinese tradition so he called for a divorce. This was considered the first public divorce in China and was a major step forward for women in Chinese society and their search for equality. Yu-I rebelled against the lack of rights for women, by refusing to submit to ancient traditions that incapacitated
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Bound feet george - Clouse 1 George Clouse Kenneth Faunce...

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