Gened extra credit #1 - were women which surprised me...

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Clouse 1 George Clouse Kenneth Faunce Gened 111 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I thought that the film did a great job of portraying some of the Chinese culture that is not so obvious to many Americans or other foreigners. Similar to the story of Bound Feet and Western Dress , it involves women trying to break out of the ancient Chinese traditional mold and becoming independent. In the film, the young Jen is supposed to marry an aristocratic man like her father, but instead ventures out into the desert with her exotic lover, Lo. The choice to rebel against Chinese tradition is a common theme in the film and is portrayed succinctly by the rebellious nature of Jen. Also interesting was the fact that the film uses martial arts as a major part of the film, which was very common among Chinese people to practice during the film settings time period. Throughout the film I also noticed how most of the skilled martial artists
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Unformatted text preview: were women, which surprised me because before watching the film I thought martial arts was a strictly male-dominated culture. This film not only showed me women’s role in Chinese society, but it also made me realize how equal they are to men even in the most advanced fighting techniques. It seems like Chinese women, although they have very little social power, they seem to be some of the most resilient women in the world, especially compared to other women in different countries that I have seen. This film showed me a lot about Chinese tradition and society and the rebellious nature of women during that time period, attempting to break out of the old traditional Clouse 2 mold of housewife. The most interesting part of the film was the strong focus on the female and how they all found their ways for freedom through martial arts....
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Gened extra credit #1 - were women which surprised me...

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