Gened extra credit #2 - extraordinary countryside, that was...

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George Clouse Kenneth Faunce Gened 111 Amelie In the film, Amelie , there were many authentic French scenes which gave me an inside look to real French society. Also, I have traveled around France, living in Nice during the early 1990s from traveling to Paris and Lyon in high school with my family. It is remarkable that French society and the atmosphere is so unique, I could immediately tell that the films authenticity was unquestioned. What is so interesting about the culture of France are the citizens, they are all similar in ways that are indescribable, but instantly I can tell if someone is French or not, which is an amazing trait that the movie personifies beautifully. One aspect of the film that I have qualms with is the fact that it fails to portray more than the French middle class society. There are parts of France that are not as privileged, especially in Paris, but there are also extravagant parts in France with
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Unformatted text preview: extraordinary countryside, that was not mentioned or addressed in the film. However, the film adequately gave the viewers a great look at the city of Paris, which is only a small piece of France; nevertheless the film portrayed Paris very accurately. My only wish is that the film included the French countryside, because it is some of the most beautiful land anyone will see in their lifetime, especially compared to American landscapes. Throughout the film I also thought that the score was fantastic, fully capturing the undertones of French society. Especially in Paris there is always music playing in the streets, and I thought the film did a fantastic job including that for the viewer to see what French society is like. This film was not only a great story, but it provided the viewers with a picturesque and accurate view of Paris that can only be captured on film....
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Gened extra credit #2 - extraordinary countryside, that was...

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