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Pridgen 1 Stephanie Pridgen Professor Melissa Caudill English 103 – 69 19 October 2006 Limitless Love Love – it is the most common yet most complex and misunderstood topic of all time. This theme is explored further in the movie Love Actually (written and directed in 2003 by Richard Curtis) and in the poem “Love’s a Stream That Knows No Borders” by Nicholas Gordon. These two works are excellent examples supporting the argument that love has no rules; love has no boundaries. Love Actually begins with a scene at the airport depicting people reuniting with their friends and family. This is something everyone can relate to, because at some point in everyone’s life they have experienced the joy of being reunited with a loved one. It is a good way to introduce the theme “love has no boundaries” because airports represent the unification of people of all ages, races, creeds, and nationalities. The setting is Christmas- time in England, which reinforces the theme of love, because around holidays people embrace kindness, honesty, and compassion more than usual. Soon after this scene the confusing and intertwining web of love, which involves over twenty people, begins. There’s the retired rock star Billy Mack and his manager Joe, who share a brotherly type of love. There’s Daniel, whose wife dies. He then must win over the heart of her young son, Sam, as well as help the youth through his love-sickness for Joanna, an unobtainable girl at school. Next is Daniel’s friend Karen and her husband Harry, whose marriage is in jeopardy because of Harry’s pretty, young office assistant Mia. After that is the young Prime Minister, David (who also happens to be Karen’s brother), who is enamored with
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Pridgen 2 his maid, Natalie. Subsequently, Harry has an employee, Sarah, who is in love with her co-worker Karl. Following is Jamie, who recently had his heart broken. He goes on
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Love - Pridgen 1 Stephanie Pridgen Professor Melissa...

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