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Toulmin method

Toulmin method - A strength of the Toulmin method was that...

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It is important to have a method for analyzing arguments because it gives you a clear-cut way to interpret the arguments for yourself. By doing so you can break down the arguments and organize your thoughts; do you agree or do you disagree; what were the strong and weak points to the argument? When I read an argument I like to think about the points the author tried to make and decide whether or not I think those points are valid or not.
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Unformatted text preview: A strength of the Toulmin method was that it gave you a set pattern to summarize a claim: qualifier, claim, exception. This is easy to remember and an easy way to decided whether or not a certain claim is valid. A weakness of the method would be listing the evidence, because not all arguments may have physical evidence, as in “Rising to the Occasion of Our Death.” Therefore, sometimes this is not necessary at all....
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