hayek v. madison

hayek v. madison - "There is all the difference in the...

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“There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal.” This statement was made by Friedrich August Hayek, and is perhaps one of his most summarizing quotes concerning his views on how the public should be governed. He believed in the equality of the law, not in the equality of the outcome. This is known as the “rule of law.” Hayek believed that the role of the law- making government was relatively simple: to create a set of pre-existing rules that shall serve as guidelines for what we are not allowed to do. Then, people are free to make their decisions and actions based around these laws, without breaking them. These forms of freedoms, consisting of anything not specifically prohibited by law, have been referred to as “negative freedoms” by Isaiah Berlin, author of Two Concepts of Liberty (1958). Berlin also coined the term “positive freedoms,” or freedoms that are awarded to the public by the government. These are the kind of freedoms that the writers of the US Constitution specified and granted to us when they were forming the role of our government. Beginning in October 1787, just four weeks after the Constitution was proposed to the states for ratification, three political philosophers (Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison) wrote a collection of essays that were published in New York newspapers. These essays were designed with the purpose of both defending and supporting the new Constitution. In order to remain anonymous and avoid unwarranted ridicule, the authors used the alias Publius, alluding to the founder of the republican
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hayek v. madison - "There is all the difference in the...

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