Journals (cycle 1)

Journals (cycle 1) - Jamie Alcorn Professor Bonnie Corman...

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Jamie Alcorn Professor Bonnie Corman PhD English 110 3/3/2008 Journal Entries Review #1 #1 “So This Was Adolescence” My reaction to my reading: When I first read through this piece I couldn’t help but all in love with Dillard’s writing. The very way she worded things and her wonderful use of hyperboles really captured my thoughts and full attention. My second time through I became aware of the characters true struggles and complete contempt for not being able to pull out of them. It made me look back to my high school/grammar school years and wonder if certain people acted similarly by acting two faced and completely misinterpreting how they viewed themselves, their experiences, and their surroundings. Then, my third time reading through I developed a somewhat passionate annoyance for the characters high- strung nature to say the least. Feeling this I am now drawn to the conclusion Dillard is truly and amazing story teller for being able to draw my emotions out and into the story like that. On the class discussion: I found the discussion interesting in the sense that everyone’s reactions to the different hyperboles varied so immensely. What seemed to be one thing to one person was a completely different thing to another. Hen I thought about the fact that perhaps this “reaction” people were giving so to speak was most likely die to the experiences they faced in their own adolescence. It is said our past experiences shape who we are today so in my opinion everyone reacted with the way they perceived the best based off of their own personal experience lesson. I also enjoyed the fact that for it being our first class together everyone had no problem sharing their opinions and stories. #2 “Anarchy in the tenth grade” My reaction to the reading: When I finished reading the piece I understood what it felt to be on the opposite side of the spectrum. The way Greg Graffin told his story really reached out and captured my attention. Unlike Dillard who told her story as if we weren’t even there, Graffin tells his story fully aware we are not only present but fully attentive. However what struck me most interesting was the fact he wasn’t telling his story trying to get it to appeal to our emotions, but rather just to give it to us straight. I found it interesting to hear from a punks point of view that all the stereotypes we predict to be true, aren’t. Against all assumptions and expectations, didn’t do drugs, he didn’t provoke any fights. And he just simply was. That to me was the real eye opener.
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Journals (cycle 1) - Jamie Alcorn Professor Bonnie Corman...

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