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We Built This City: Paris Can’t grow due to geography, geology Preserving a city, where no city should be Began: 3 rd C bc, parisi, tribe of celtic gauls 58 BC Then romans invade, called it Lutecia, meaning marshland. Transformed it into typical Roman city, very wealthy. 6,000 people. 481 AD, Franks captured Lutecia. 1200, 600 years later, is has grown to important trading center. Filipo Guste- developed a 32 ft tall, 8 ft thick limestone wall for protection, 67 towers, enclosed the city. Part of the centerpiece still remains under the Louvre today. 300,000 people in 13 th C, River seine was polluted. Paris ran short of clean water. Medieval monks built aquaducts 20 feet below ground, trapping clean spring water to the center of Paris. Hundreds of thousands of gallons went into the city a day for 5 Cs. But water shortages continued. In 1815, authorities ordered Louis Gerrard to fix problem, and still helps today. Made a canal linking rural river to seine, and pumping stations, locks. Medieval times: 100 year war with England, Joan of Arc.
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