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Political Ideology

Political Ideology - inadvertently stimulate economy too...

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Political Ideology -influenced by: Parents, religion (Evangelical Christians = more conservative, Catholics = more liberal), race, income, geography, education, age, gender, economics John Maynard Keynes gov’t spending and taxation used to control inflation and recessions (Liberal) Labor Unions Liberal, “Supply – side economics” “Reaganomics” (cut taxes for consumers and business) (George Bush senior called it “voodoo economics”) – can
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Unformatted text preview: inadvertently stimulate economy too much which increases income, therefore increases taxes, efficiency (conservatism) Income equalization levels the playing field. Reform of programs, equity (Liberal) cultural “Traditional values” religion influence on gov’t, not laissez-faire on cultural issues (conservatism) “Secularism” wall of separation, laissez-faire to social issues, relativism (liberal)...
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