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Andrew W. Evans 2/11/08 CSC341 What is a Computer Professional? Since the revolution of computers over the past several years, jobs in the computer industry have since increased and many new jobs have been created. The question of weather or not there is such profession as a Computer Professional. I feel that this profession does exist. I agree not every job in the computer industry is a profession. There are many jobs which are merely trades. A professional is one who possess a large body of knowledge usually steaming from years of higher education specialized in one
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Unformatted text preview: area. We need to realize that there are several types of jobs available; unskilled ( which is self explanatory), trade, and professional. For example; a computer manufacturer or a telecom tech is similar to a trade. Most people would be able to learn that task quickly where as a job in network management or data structure analysis and architecture would be more of a profession. These jobs require a much higher education level and specialized skills that are not taught but rather skills that are developed over time and practice....
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