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Practice Exam 1

Practice Exam 1 - CSE 1340 Spring'06 Exam 1 Name I Fill in...

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CSE 1340 Spring ’06 Exam 1 Name __________________________________ I. Fill in the blanks: 2 points each 1. Arithmetic operations are evaluated using the ______________ and the ______________ rules of arithmetic operators. 2. The modulus operator _________ takes only integer operands. 3. In Java, the object that refers to the keyboard is called ___________. 4. In order to use System.out, what package must you import? _________ 5. A file containing a Java program ends with the extension ___________. 6. One of the purposes of the compiler is to convert your source program to _________________, the only language a computer can understand. 7. In lab, you have been using ______________________ and _______________ to design a problem’s solution. 8. Java is a ___________________________language and is easier than writing in machine language. 9. __________________ provides permanent storage for information. 10. The ______________ unit is part of the CPU. 11. _______________ stands for random access memory. 12. The data type of 3.3456 is ____________ or _____________. 13. All programs must be brought into ____________ before they are executed. 14. The first phase in the software development process is _________________.
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