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Evans Andrew Evans Econ Naturalistic Paper Econ 101 - 04 20 December 2007 With a growing need to ‘Go Green’, many companies have taken on a new way of production. These companies provide the same product just with fewer waste products which in turn is much better for our environment. Many people have a worry of global warming destroying our environment due to the gases and by products of the goods we use. By companies deciding to take a ‘go green’ approach, the market hopes to slow global warming. Seaside Naturals is a Connecticut locally owned business that is pursuing its Green Seal. This company sells its environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to over 180 cleaning companies. The market forces behind both supply and demand for these products is the new state and municipal regulations on more friendly cleaners. It has been mandated by Governor Jodi Rell last year that all state and local municipals must use products that better the health of both humans and the environment. There are several driving forces to growth in this market. One which is very
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Econ-Final_nautarlistic - Evans 1 Andrew Evans Econ...

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