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April 14 - -about 10 people-Indian self determination Trail...

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April 14, 2008 Red Power -Alcatraz -Trail of Broken Tears -Wounded Knee Vietnam -Gulf of Tonkin -Operation Rolling Thunder -Jet Offensive Alcatraz -Late 1969 -Richard Oaks (Mohawk Indians) -Wanted to claim the island of Alcatraz for Indian people -November 69- June 71 -Elected council ; everyone had a job – security, teaching, etc. -How did the government respond? -said they had to leave -placed a barrier -finally agreed -What did the Indians want? -wanted the deed to the island -wanted to construct a university -wanted to construct a museum -Donations came streaming in -Celebrities supported protestors -Factionalism -FBI and coast guard directed to remain clear of the island -Government shuts off electricity -Shut off water barge that provided fresh water -3 days later a fire started – no water to put it out -Occupiers began striping copper wire and copper tubing to sell for money -Early 1971 – news turned against them -no support anywhere -Number dwindling -June 1971 -Island swarmed Alcatraz
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Unformatted text preview: -about 10 people-Indian self determination Trail of Broken Treaties-Summer 1972-Planning a march on Washington-Caravan called Trail of Broken Treaties-Peaceful demonstrations-As caravan traveled across country it grew and grew-Intended to deliver 20 points-restoration of lost lands-full tribal control of reservations -protection of religious and cultural freedoms-When reach capital – whole thing fell apart-went to the bureau of Indian affairs and requested assistance – denied Wounded Knee-1973-South Dakota-Oglala Lakota Sioux-Richard Wilson – recognition of US Government-Outlying Areas of reservation felt like Wilson was corrupt -Decide to protest Wilson-Invite AIM-Feb 1973-71 days later-federal gov’t withdraws Vietnam-Domino Theory-Vietminh – home grown nationalist movement-Ho Chi Minh-1954 surround French troops-French surrender-Ngo Dich Dien -Western thinking-Dien and Eisenhower don’t let national elections happen Gulf of Tonkin-...
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