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Turfgrass QOW 10-22-07

Turfgrass QOW 10-22-07 - Anthony Benes Question of the Week...

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Anthony Benes Question of the Week October 22, 2007 Roundup Ready® Creeping Bentgrass is currently targeting use primarily on golf courses and as a forage crop, and was engineered to contain the Roundup (glyphosate) resistance gene CP4 EPSPS. Currently The Scotts Company is trying to bring this variety of turf into the green industry. There is primarily a lot of concern with any plant that could have the potential for being resistant to any, if not all, herbicides and become a weed that could be unstoppable. The article I read focused mainly on the concern of some environmentalists stating: “However, creeping bentgrass is different and—in the minds of some environmentalists—potentially more hazardous than other plants, because it is a perennial that establishes without cultivation in a variety of habitats, reproducing through seeds as well as stems. Additionally, creeping bentgrass has numerous close relatives with which it can cross-pollinate, forming natural hybrids.” (ssseeds.com) This could pose a serious environmental problem that no herbicide could combat.
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