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Anthony Benes H341 November 14, 2007 Turf Fertilizer Experiment 1) a. The areas that were treated with urea (46-0-0) and ammonium sulfate (21-0-0) provided the most rapid release of Nitrogen fertilizer to the turfgrass. Both of these are water soluble N carrier fertilizers. This allows for immediate uptake by the plant once the granulars have dissolved. 1) b. The slowest release form N fertilizer was a fertilizers used in fall applications that allow for N release in the spring as well, and it is commonly known as Richlawn Winterizer fertilizer (12-4-8). This complete fertilizer option provides nutrients to the plant to store up in the fall and also once they come out of the dormant stage in the spring. 2) a. The longest residual effect is more of a personal preference for me considering I am color blind. The turfgrass plot that stood out as having the longest lasting effect was plot 10 which Howard Johnsons (24-4-16) was green throughout the several weeks of testing. There were a couple other plots that showed similar traits of lasting fertilizer with
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