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Trufgrass QOW #3

Trufgrass QOW #3 - maintenance was included in this budget...

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Anthony Benes Question of the Week #3 September 24, 2007 Artificial Turf Based on my knowledge of working on golf courses for over 6 years now this is what I deduced from the author’s writings on artificial turf vs. real turfgrass: Fact or Fiction 1. “The cost of artificial turf is twice that of natural grass.” Fact—I would say the initial cost of artificial turf is higher, but over time turfgrass may cost more to manage. I would argue though at his case for how much it actually costs to maintain turf on a golf course. 2. “18 holes of real grass use 1 million gallons of water a night to keep green,…” Fiction—most golf courses will only water the turfgrass between one and three times per week depending on ET rates. Sometimes watering the grass isn’t necessary when it rains. 3. “…and it costs $1 million a year to cut the grass the water grows.” Fiction—the budget at the Raven Golf Club was less than $250k per year. This budget was not just limited to “cutting grass.” The cost of fertilizers as well as costs for vehicle
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Unformatted text preview: maintenance was included in this budget. A majority of the cost went to leasing the equipment used to maintain the golf course. 4. “…in addition to the hundreds of thousand of pounds and gallons of fertilizers and herbicides that leach into ground water, he points out.” Fiction—In my opinion, and from what I was told by Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG, who happens to be the consulting agronomist for all of Discovery Land Co.’s propterties, almost 100% of foliar fertilizer applications are taken up by turfgrass. I think that most turfgrasses will uptake a majority of the fertilizers they are given based on their annual needs; therefore, I would argue that hundreds of thousands of pounds of the fertilizers are leached into the ground water. Most golf courses are criticized with contaminating ground water, but from most of the soil tests from established courses shows that the water quality exiting the property tends to be better than when it entered....
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