13 Crisis Years of the Early Sixties

13 Crisis Years of the Early Sixties - Why now when K knew...

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Crisis Years of the Early Sixties Context: Open Sky proposal permits photographs to increase trust, Khrushchev refused: SU sovereignty Eisenhower proceeds on his own. The Spy Game: US’s U2 used to spy on SU, Khrushchev knew about the U-2 flights, but did not complain publicly because of the embarrassment of not being able to prevent them. Eisenhower was delighted w/ this new possibility to tease his political adversary. One Flight Too Many (May 1, 1960): The CIA wanted to versatile spy plane to fly many risky missions over the USSR to determine its nuclear crisis. USSR shot down a U-2. Khrushchev announced SU shot down a “bandit” plane US Denies allegations: Eisenhower claimed U-2 as a weather plane. BUT! The U-2 pilot survived and was taken in custody by KGB. Pilot Power failed to use his suicide pen. USSR strikes back embarrasses US 1. The collapse of the Paris summit a. Khrushchev shows up and walks out: he will not deal w/ a lying country worsen previous improving US-USSR relation
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Unformatted text preview: ? Why now when K. knew about the U-2 planes all along? 1. His hardliners doesn’t like “peaceful coexistence” 2. Pressure from China b. K. revoked his invitation for Eisenhower to visit USSR 2. The advent of the Kennedy admin in Washington a. In a presidential election debate, JFK outshines Nixon b. JFK elected as president (Jan 20, 1961) 3. Kennedy and Khrushchev: showdown at Vienna (June 3-4, 1961) a. Kennedy is willing to resolve conflict ASAP 4. Berlin between East and West a. USSR est. air corridors through E. Germany to W.Berlin b. The “Brain Drain” – educated citizens in E. Germany decided to cross over to W.Germany Barbed wire strung b/t east and west Berlin Berlin Wall (August 1961) c. Standoff at “Check Point Charlie” (Berlin, Aug 1961) US allowance of the est. of Berlin Wall angers other E. German powers d. Kennedy goes to W. Berlin (June 26, 1963) 5. Preparations for possible war...
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13 Crisis Years of the Early Sixties - Why now when K knew...

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