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17 The Second War for Indochina

17 The Second War for Indochina - The Second War for...

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The Second War for Indochina 1. The Aftermath of the French Withdrawal a. Vietnam divided in 1954, elections were to be held in ’56 for reunification b. US Backs Diem’s Regime, est. SEATO in 1954 c. Diem Cancels elections for reunification: it was clear that Ho Chi Minh would win, Diem, with US backing, refused to allow a vote. Resulted in Insurrection in the south 1960: armed rebellion in the South against the Diem regime was dominated by Communist sympathizers of North Vietnam. But Diem’s autocratic regime also alienated non-Comm groups in the south, which joined the Comm to form the National Liberation Front/Viet Cong. 2. The Deepening American Political Involvement Under Eisenhower 3. The Engagement of American Military Power Under Kennedy a. Kennedy sends the “green berets”- an elite Special Forces unit specializing in counter-insurgency operations. Their mission was to destroy the Vietcong while engaging in “nation-building”, or “winning the hearts and minds” of the South Viet peasantry.
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