23 Inter-American Relations

23 Inter-American Relations - Inter-American Relations...

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Inter-American Relations since the Cuban Missile Crisis 1. Failed Hopes of the Alliance for Progress a. Latin Americas upset that America didn’t put in an effort to assist them 2. Preoccupation w/ the Cuban Threat (1959-today) a. Intervention against Arbenz (Guatemala 1954) 3. The Revival of US Interventionism a. The Dominican Republic b. Chile: ideological divisions in Chile 70-73 i. Marxism thru the Ballot Box 1970: socialist Salvador Allende is elected prez, defeating right-wing and centrist opponents. ii. 1 st mistake: allow Castro to visit in 1971 iii. Allende takes control of the Chile’s copper minds and ensure that the wealth doesn’t go to US corps iv. Nixon is concerned 71-73: ordered sanctions against Chile, CIA maintains contact w/ dissident military officers, who plan a coup against Allende’s gov v. Sept 11, 1973: Allende dies in the fighting after soldiers entered the prez palace vi. New Gov. led by right extremists Pinochet 73-89 oppress those who supported Allende… a dictatorship that supported the US
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23 Inter-American Relations - Inter-American Relations...

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