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lecture outlines for posting2

lecture outlines for posting2 - Lecture 2 EEB 13 10 January...

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Lecture 2 – EEB 13 – 10 January 2008 Dr. Hespenheide Evolution - definition: directional change through time idea of evolution important idea in - and product of - Western European culture - changed basis for viewing humans from religious to scientific intellectual history - - one of great ideas of Western European culture - several of these arose in 19th century Karl Marx - economic and socio-political ideas led to communism/socialism Sigmund Freud* - his “psychoanalysis” led to psychology, psychiatry Charles Darwin* - “poster boy” for biological evolution by natural selection = “Darwinism” - * - two of Gould’s three “pedestal smashing” revolutions. - phrases and images associated with evolution have become part of popular culture - [- examples shown from newspaper articles, comic strips, etc .] “survival of fittest,” “ascent of man” (Darwin), dinosaurs and humans together, etc . paradigm - defined as the way we view or think about the world - German: “Weltanshauung” - a change in paradigms is known as a “paradigm shift”
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- example: the Earth’s (and humans’) place in the universe middle ages Renaissance present (<1500 AD) (1540-1630) 2008 Ptolemaic model: Copernicus scientific view: 3-story universe Galileo - universe vast, old, complex heaven - solar systems of planets, moons earth + humans “Copernican - galaxies of stars, black holes [hell] revolution” humans at center humans insignificant conflict between Darwin’s idea and Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) - old paradigm new paradigm Abrahamic religions Western European science special creation by God
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lecture outlines for posting2 - Lecture 2 EEB 13 10 January...

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