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lecture outlines for posting4 - Lecture 4 EEB 13 17 January...

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Lecture 4 – EEB 13 – 17 January 2008 Dr. Hespenheide review - Evidence for evolution before Darwin 1. “Chain of Being” ( scala naturae ) - Linnaeus 2. comparative morphology - Buffon 3. embryology - von Baer - all 3 suggest “descent with modification” [Mayr: “common descent”] small changes accumulate big changes - observations by Darwin on voyage of Beagle [note: “Voyage of Beagle,“ entertaining book by Darwin] 4. different parts of world have different organisms - biogeography 5. fossil organisms like but different from present - England, Argentina “palaeontology” = study of fossils and evolutionary history more observations - on his country estate he practiced… 6. plant/animal breeding - “artificial” selection - reading - Darwin influenced by 7. Charles Lyell - geologist, “Principles of Geology,” 1730s - small changes accumulate over long periods to become large changes - Lyell’s “uniformitarianism” became Darwin’s gradualism: 8. Thomas Malthus (1798, “Essay on the Principle of Population”) - humans produce more offspring than survive to reproduce (death from diseases, war, starvation) - but human populations still grow - thus there is a “struggle for existence”
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Darwin’s thinking - 1838 - idea for evolution by “natural selection” in his journals 1858 - Darwin receives manuscript from Alfred Russel Wallace with same idea of natural selection - Wallace an English naturalist, collected specimens in Amazon, East Indies, wrote famous book, “Malay Archipelago” [note: see course website for link to e-book of “Malay Archipelago”] - Wallace’s life used as basis of novella, “Morpho Eugenia,” by A.S. Byatt,in book “Angels and Insects,” recently made into movie
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lecture outlines for posting4 - Lecture 4 EEB 13 17 January...

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