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lecture outlines for posting10 - Lecture 10 EEB 13 12...

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Lecture 10 - EEB 13 - 12 February 2008* Dr. Hespenheide [*Note: Feb 12 is Charles Darwin’s 199th birthday anniversary. There will be an extra-credit question on the final exam about this…] [Review] Microevolution - 3. natural selection - environment includes 3. members of own population - affect reproductive success membership – individuals differ in age and sex many sexual diploid organisms dioecious , that is, have separate male and female individuals thus, males and females have to agree on how to reproduce, and this agreement is complicated by… anisogamy = unequal investments in gametes by the two sexes, so sexes don’t agree on how to reproduce, especially mating: males - micro gametic sex produce many, small, cheap gametes prefer quantity mates females - macro gametic sex produce few, large, expensive gametes prefer quality mates - inequality of parental investment (gametes, care of offspring) leads to conflict - “gender wars” and sexual selection - in humans, sexual differences in care of offspring are a large part of differences in parental investment, because females invest 9 months in the internal development of the fetus as well as post- partum nursing of the child sexual selection - special form of natural selection leading to adaptations for mating [note: recognized and written about by Darwin] - two aspects of sexual selection: inter sexual selection - one sex chooses other as mate - females are true reproductives with larger investment in offspring - thus, “choosing” sex usually females, “chosen” sex usually males - then male tries to convince female he has something of value, some “attractive” quality - thus, the classic male question: “What do women want?” (especially important question 2 days before Valentine’s Day)
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intra sexual selection - competition among chosen sex for attention (or domination) of choosing sex - that is, male-male competition (“guy games”) by either aggression - male-male combat, either actual or ritualized fighting (deer: antlers; humans: basketball, football) controlling resources females need for young - food and territory
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lecture outlines for posting10 - Lecture 10 EEB 13 12...

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