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lecture outlines for posting17 - Lecture 17 EEB 13 6 March...

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Lecture 17 - EEB 13 - 6 March 2008 Dr. Hespenheide REMINDER: The final exam for EEB13 will be given during the lecture and discussion hours (12:30-3:00 pm) next Thursday, March 13th Macroevolution – the patterns produced by the macroevolutionary processes of adaptation, speciation and extinction include [history of life biogeography - spatial/geographic patterns in distributions of organisms/species composition/size of biota determined by relative balance among - processes that increase and decrease numbers of species in a region 1. vicariance - barriers - “continental drift,” climate change - break up a widely distributed biota, produce disjunct distributions examples (both in Tuesday’s lecture): the same dinosaur fossils occur on pieces of Gondwanaland (“continental drift”); trees of the eastern and western US, Europe, and SE Asia (climate change) 2. colonization – movement of organisms from one area to another example: Lepanthes in West Indies, from Central America (above) - increases similarity of two areas (in the same way that migration makes gene pools of two demes more similar ) - affected by degree of isolation and colonizing ability of organisms - example: birds colonized Hawai’i, mammals didn’t - example: mammal fauna of Nearctic region North America - 79 genera, 36 endemic (46%) Palaearctic shared with: Neotropical [N.Am.] Asia Europe Ethiopian ## 18 [43 shared] 29 24 3 - although separated now, the long connection between Asia and North America means their faunas are more similar than between North and South America and their more recent connection (5 mya)
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3. speciation , especially
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lecture outlines for posting17 - Lecture 17 EEB 13 6 March...

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