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Oral Guide - Debate Share ideas React Make recommendations...

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FINAL ORAL EXAM SPAN 3 WINTER 2008 Student Instructions To the student: Please read this carefully and keep on hand for reference. Your SPAN 3 oral exam is scheduled for March 11, 12 and 13, 2008 . As indicated on the syllabus and class calendar, your exam will be given during normal class time. You will sign-up with your instructor in class. This will be a 5 minute exam in your assigned group of 3 with 10 minutes to prepare prior to your scheduled time. Your instructor will assign groups ahead of time and may allow you a little bit of class time to practice with your group. You will not be given be given the exact situations until 10 minutes prior to exam. However, here is the list of the FOUR exam topics. You will choose ONE at random : 1. El arte y la cultura 2. Los planes profesionales 3. Los problemas sociales y ambientales Some common functions are: Describe Narrate Ask questions
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Unformatted text preview: Debate Share ideas React Make recommendations During the oral exam, you will be expected to use the vocabulary, expressions and grammar from Chapters 13-18. Grammar points to pay particular attention to while practicing are: • Verbs in the present perfect tense • Hypothetical situations • Expressing doubt, uncertainty and wishes in the present and the past (subjunctive) • Expressing actions in the future In order to prepare your group for the exam, it is suggested that you create your own ‘mock situations’. You may be allowed to practice some in class. However, some of the practice will need to take place outside of class time. IMPORTANT: You will not be allowed to take any written materials into the exam; you will not read anything that you have prepared. ¡ Practiquen y estudien mucho! ¡Buena suerte!...
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