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Spanish Oral Exam Student Name _______________________ 1. Ease of Expression /Interaction ___________ (20) Gets idea across fully; minimal hesitation, false starts; goes beyond the minimum. Initiates interaction. Consistently responds to others’ comments/ideas. (15) Gets idea across fully, but with substantial hesitation. Helps maintain/initiates interaction. Often responds to others’ ideas. (10) Gets idea across, but very haltingly. Rarely helps maintain the interaction OR dominates the interaction. (5) Unable to get idea across. 2. Complexity ____________ (20) Complexity of sentence structure (using pronouns, combining sentences, etc.) is at the level of the course. (15) Student tends to repeat or use "detours" rather than more complex forms that have been studied. (10) Student fairly consistently avoids complex forms in favor of the simplest, possible sentences. 3. Accuracy ___________ (20) Expression is as grammatically correct as can be expected for the level. (15)
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