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ORAL EXAM PREPARATION Before the exam : You should get together with your group outside of class to practice different situational scenarios. Write the names and contact information of the members of your group here: Time Date of Oral Exam: _______________________________________ On the day of the exam: Each group is given 10 minutes for preparation. Use this time wisely. Make decisions about what will be said and by whom.
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Unformatted text preview: Strategize for 5-7 minutes, practice speaking or study vocabulary for 3 minutes. Strategies: 1) Read the situation 2) Decide who is going to play each role. 3) Decide who will begin the conversation. 4) Choose the type of greeting. 5) Outline the main points to be mentioned. 6) Choose key words and phrases. 7) Choose some fall-back questions, in case someone gets stuck. 8) Decide how to end the conversation....
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