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Midterm Key - I. Essays and Weekly Submissions I will have...

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I. Essays and Weekly Submissions I will have your weekly submissions graded by next week’s office hours on Tuesday. If you would like to come pick them up or discuss the essay questions, please do so! Your essay will be due the Tuesday after you get back from Thanksgiving. Please please please start working on them BEFORE the break. The reading for next week is incredibly light, and I am assigning you no written assignments, so USE THAT TIME TO DO YOUR ESSAYS. Otherwise, you will likely start them on Monday night, which will be really painful. I Grading in General I realized that I haven’t explained to you the numerical equivalent of my grading system! Here it is: 100 = A 96 = A/A- 92 = A- 89.5 = B+/A- 88 = B+ 86.5 = B/B+ 85 = B 83.5 = B-/B 82 = B- 79.5 = C+/B- For the rest, just continue the pattern for the “Bs” “But wait!” you may say. “UCLA only gives A+, A, A-, etc!” Here’s how I will break it down for the final grade submissions: 100-97 = A+ 93-96 = A 90-92 = A- 87-89 = B+ 83-86 = B 80-82 = B- And so forth II Grading for you midterm At the end of you exam, you will see a bunch of added numbers. Let me explain what they mean by an example. Let’s say you got a B+ on your essay, and a 10, 9, 9, 8, and 7.5 on your IDs. The essay and the IDs are weighted equally, so I do the following: 88/2 + 10 + 9x2 + 8 + 7.5 = 87.5 = 88. Your grade would thus be an “88,” or a B+ Make sure that you add up the points in your exam! If I added the points incorrectly, come see me and we’ll fix it. III How am I doing?
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Do a little algebra. This is a really good skill for any class that you will take. Each essay is 15%, your section grade is 20%, the midterm is 20%, and the final is 30%. You can come to me to see how you’re doing in section. Here’s an example: Let’s say you usually talk a fair amount (which gives you a “B-”), but your written assignments are always awesome (so you get an “A”). This means your section grade would be around an A- (90). Let’s say you got a B+ on your essay (88) and an A/A- (96) on your midterm. What kind of grades do you need to get to get an A (at least a 93) for the course? Here is the Algebra:
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Midterm Key - I. Essays and Weekly Submissions I will have...

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