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special educatoin - Human Services 2 One of the elements of...

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Human Services One of the elements of human services is the aspect of education for handicapped people. “A mental handicap is defined as significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning existing concurrently with deficits in adaptive behavior and manifested during the developmental period,”( http://ese.sbmc.org). Offering classes to students with special needs can often times become a tricky situation. There are many benefits and disadvantages to allowing such students in public classrooms as it would be if they were in a more focused personal environment devoted entirely to their needs. Americans are working on a progressive outlook to advance educational programs for the mentally disabled, but this challenge takes a great deal of patience and time. History shows a major discrimination and negative outlook to the mentally handicapped, and there is been a great deal of change from forcing them into asylums and away from the common people. Up until 1969, institutions focused on the basic needs and development of colors, word recognition, and number association. It was not until publications surfaced about mentally challenged people’s ability to develop beyond these levels that people seriously focused on a better educational program. “Today, support services are provided by government agencies, non-governmental organizations and by private sector providers. Support services address most aspects of life for people with developmental disabilities,
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special educatoin - Human Services 2 One of the elements of...

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