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one act script - Rodenbeek 1 Cait Rodenbeek Sutliff ENG 211...

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Rodenbeek 1 Cait Rodenbeek Sutliff ENG 211 25 October 2007 CHARACTERS Lysistrata as the Director Wearing a beret, black turtle neck, rider- pants, and black leather boots Mephastophilis as Actor A Extremely large, bulbous body along with a dark and terrifying voice Ferdinand as Actor B Good looking and aware of it; oblivious SETTING 1991, a community theatre sitting quietly in the small town of Riverside, just outside Chicago. Two days before performing, the actors try to take advantage of one of the last rehearsals. SCENE I The actors and director enter from backstage. ACTOR A: (holding script in hand) Can we hurry this along? It’s my busy night. ACTOR B: (also holding script) It’s Wednesday night. What in the world could you be doing? ACTOR A: It’s Mass. Catholics are amusing. My favorite trick is… DIRECTOR: (walking to the front of the stage) No we cannot hurry this along, Mephastophilis. There are two days until we open to the public, and you clowns aren’t even off script. I swear, if I had chosen two women for this play I wouldn’t have even needed this rehearsal! (Suddenly distracted by a loose floorboard.) ACTOR B: ( to Mephastophilis) She’s so beautiful when she’s angry. The moment I laid eyes on her, I thought she was so powerful and what could I do? I think I’ve fallen in love with her. ACTOR A: (to Ferdinand) Kid, you’ve got a lot to learn. You don’t need love, Ferdinand, take it from me. You’ve just been reading too many romance novels. Now, if you’d let me, I could definitely show you a woman to love…for the night. ACTOR B: No way, Mephastophilis! I know all about your reputation, you can’t get that past me. DIRECTOR: (impatiently) So sorry to interrupt, gentlemen. We have a play to rehearse! This is not the time to gossip and chit-chat! Let’s begin from the middle of Act One, where we ended from last night. ACTOR B: (clearing his throat and in n New York accent) Ay yo, Sherlock, got any ideas why this here dagger’s got some sticky red mess all over it? DIRECTOR: Ferdinand, what in the hell are you doing?! Watson isn’t a New Yorker, he’s bloody English! ACTOR B: Sorry Lysistrata, it’s just that I envisioned Watson as this Staten Island good old boy. Maybe we could gel my hair, get me a leather jacket, and some cigarettes. I just think it would bring the character
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one act script - Rodenbeek 1 Cait Rodenbeek Sutliff ENG 211...

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