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Cait Rodenbeek 2188103 Assignment #3 - “Ethics” Goal Consider alternate research methodologies and explore the drawbacks and benefits of these methodologies. Task The Milgram study generated important data, but was filled with ethical problems. If you were to do the research again today and planned to use a procedure similar to Milgram’s, what changes would you need to make to get approval from the KU Institutional Review Board? 1) Briefly describe the question Milgram was studying. How far will people go when pushed by an authority figure? 2) Explain the benefits and drawbacks of Milgram’s design. Pay attention to the ethical problems in the design. Drawbacks: terribly unethical (offering post-procedural psychological counseling does not protect the research from putting people through a traumatic experience). Benefits: Results prove that authority has a major influence over people. In fact, almost 70% of participants “electrocuted the man in the other room” to the
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