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1 Biology 760 Exam #1, Version 2 February 25, 2014 Answers appear in bold font. 1) Sarcomas are cancers of: a. epithelial tissues b. small, flat cells of the lung c. muscle, bone and connective tissues d. the prostate e. all of the above 2) Breast cancer is almost always a 3) A melanoma is 4) The presence of cancerous cells in lymph nodes can be due to c. prostate carcinomas d. squamous cell carcinoma e. all of the above 5) The Warburg effect limits cancer cells to: a. anaerobic Krebs Cycle b. aerobic glycolysis c. generation of two ATP molecules per glucose d. both a and c are correct e. both b and c are correct 6) Cancer in situ (benign cancer)
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