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Rodenbeek Caitlin Rodenbeek Randall ENG 120-054 20 September 2006 The Fading Glow of Theatre It has been said that theater is something one is born to do. For the longest time, I believed that I, too, was born for the theater. I enthusiastically pursued my love of the stage; even seriously considering it as my lifetime career. Unfortunately, although we may have a certain passion, sometimes it is just not in the cards to pursue the dream as it may take more than some people can give. I think of my relationship to the theater as the path a new love follows. It begins with the feeling between two lovers as they first meet. As an outsider, I watch them enviously as they titter with joy when they first begin to hold hands. The two set off a nervous laugh as they both must learn to trust each other and grow to understand their newly formed commitment. Just as the lovers must begin this relationship of faith, the stage and I followed suit. Most people think of the theater as what is happening on stage – the actors and their roles. For me, the most enjoyment I had in the nine years I was involved with theater, was performing backstage. This group of people, those who work behind the scenes to fix things or work lights, sound or construction, are known as Techies. I did it
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reflective essay - Rodenbeek Caitlin Rodenbeek Randall ENG...

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