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Alexander Pope Paraphrase

Alexander Pope Paraphrase - He then goes into examples of...

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Caitlin Rodenbeek Randall Eng 120-054 1 September 2006 I. The author is observing his own attributes and how far they reach. In order to be prosperous with criticizing this is essential. He makes it apparent to portray the basic laws of Nature and how they relate to judgment and wit. He examines comparing work to that of ancient authors to better scrutinize work. He strongly disapproves of basing things off of a set of rules and imitations. Although these are the qualities of importance to the author, there are always omissions to his ideology. II. Alexander Pope tries to help the reader in looking at the literature as the author might be looking at it. That is, by trying to relate to the type of humors or social views he or she might harbor.
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Unformatted text preview: He then goes into examples of writers who focus on a small portion of a bigger meaning by following restrictions, overanalyzing different approaches to a subject, and the smoothness or roughness is translated into right or wrong. It is also important to not be too easy or difficult to please with any writing. What is up-to-date with fashion is of no relevance to a review. III. Critics must bear certain qualities to be the most ethical. One must be daring, tactful, humble, and have veracity. Try to avoid judging too harshly things that are unfamiliar, mysterious, and fresh. It all comes back to using the ancients of time to base critical thinking and conclusions upon and always consider a different point-of-view....
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