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a priori -  from a general law to a particular instance. ad hoc-  Latin for  this case only  or  for this specific purpose . ad hominem-  a logical fallacy. It can be translated as  against the man . ad infinitum-  Latin for  without end . et al-  Latin for  and everybody . Used in works cited pages to indicate that there are more than three authors. et cetera-  Latin for  and other things  and commonly used to shorten a predictable list   non sequitur -
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Unformatted text preview: A logical fallacy. Literally, it does not follow. It occurs when one statement that is intended to prove a point is not logically connected to the previous statement. per diem- Latin for by the day . quid pro quo- Latin for something for something . Used to indicate one thing in return for another. sic- Latin for thus . Used when the source a writer is quoting has made an error....
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