Vocab 2 - lobbying to ban religious references in the...

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Agnostic (n. or adj.) lacking religious faith Explicit clear, specific Ardent eager and devoted Omission exclusion or oversight Atheistic anti-religious Rhetoric art of using language effectively Blunt dull or rounded; without tact Succinct expressed well in a few words Derivative describing something that comes Stoic 1. (n) one who practices patient from another source. endurance and repression of emotion. 2. (adj) description of such behavior.
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Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary word. Put the answers in your notebooks. We'll go over this on Monday. 1. Her father glared at her sternly. " I gave you ________________instructions to be home. by 12:00," he said. 2. To commit a lie of __________________means to deceive someone by leaving out important details. 3. Romeo is Juliet’s most ______________suitor. 4. Madeline Murray O’Hair demonstrated her ____________________feelings by
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Unformatted text preview: lobbying to ban religious references in the media. 5. The old cowboy never flinched as his broken bone was set without anesthetic. Nor did he betray his code of ________________ conduct when they told him that the horse had died 6. The instructor wrote _______________ and convincing arguments on Jacks paper because Jack had stated his case clearly in a few paragraphs. 7. Ed told us he that he doesnt know whether God exists. In other words, hes an . 8. The judges statement was ______________. He said that Shelley could either pay the fine or find herself in jail. 9. Formal may be studied in a composition class. 10. American ideas about law are _____________________ of the English legal system. (Please make allowances for email formatting.)...
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Vocab 2 - lobbying to ban religious references in the...

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