Vocab 4 - the Fourth of July celebration 7 Char felt a lot...

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acumen   ambivalence   antipathy   askance   culminate empathy   gregarious    manic          mannerism     squalor   1. A person                                                                        loves parties. 2. Support groups are valuable because the members all have similar  experiences, so they can feel                                             for each other. 3. Sue tries to be broadminded, but she still  feels                                                                                        toward people who are unkempt and dirty. 4. His business                                                                              will help the company. 5. Uncle Ned’s continual scratching of his nose is an  annoying                                                                         .      6. A giant fireworks display will     
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Unformatted text preview: the Fourth of July celebration. 7. Char felt a lot of about the classes she had to choose from. 8. The store owner looked at the rowdies who had entered his place. 9. In the poorest of African villages many people live in . 10. The opposite of depressive behavior is behavior....
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