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Caitlin Rodenbeek Rector Gerontology 205-003 21 September 2006 The course project I have chosen in an interview with my stepfather, Rodney “Rod” Nitz. He is a sixty-four-year-old Caucasian lawyer whom is incredibly religious and has been apart of my life for over thirteen years. This is a big stepping stone because I’m not always as aware of his past as I should absolutely be. My step-dad and I have always been close but there are often times in which I don’t know where he is coming from. Rod is very adamant about keeping things clean and tidy, and believes table manners to be a major deal. Many times, it seems as though this relates back to how he grew up in the late 1940s and early 1950s. I’m hoping this experience will bring him and me on a closer level to relating with each other on certain
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Unformatted text preview: issues. Unfortunately, my family is in Salina, KS therefore most of our interview will have to be over the telephone. With Parents’ Weekend coming soon I hope to make time to visit with him over several of the questions. I am certain that this will give me a chance to better analyze and comprehend some of the ways older adults live. Younger people often times misunderstand or are empathetic to our older generations, and much of this confusion is due to the lack of knowledge we have about each other. The less everyone focuses on stereotypes of each age group and not give in to ageism. Hopefully, each person’s interview gives them the chance to bond with the person they’re interviewing....
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