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Gerontology Vocabulary Gerontology Vocabulary Age Changes Age Changes – For an individual, differences, from one age to another, that result from internal physical or psychological change that are independent of disease processes Age Differences Age Differences - - Differences between people of different ages. May be due to age changes, cohort differences, period effects, or some combination of the three factors. Age Discrimination Age Discrimination - - The overt denial of opportunity on the basis of age Age Norms Age Norms - - Norms tied to the life course that tell people of a given age what is allowed or not allowed for someone of that age. Ageism Ageism - - Prejudice based on age Chronological Age Chronological Age - - The number of years a person has lived Cognitive Changes Cognitive Changes - - Refers to changes in mental skills such as memory or reasoning. Studies of healthy older people seem to show that the speed of mental processes may slow down but reasoning, such as problem-solving, remains much
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