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Name_____________________ MAGICAL MUSHROOMS, MISCHIEVOUS MOLDS Midterm Exam – Spring 2007 1. ( 8 points ) Once upon a time, scientists classified life forms into three kingdoms: Animals, Plants, and Fungi. Today, the “Tree of Life” has quite a different structure with three major branches (all presumably originating from some common, primitive ancestor) and lots of smaller ones from each of the three major ones. A. What are the three main branches? B. The current “Tree of Life” pays little attention to physical features of organisms. Instead, a much more fundamental characteristic of life is used to distinguish main branches on the tree and branches of the main branches. In a very general sense, what do scientists today rely on to classify organisms? C. Who gets credit for this great movement away from physical features to other characteristics and what was he (alright…I gave that part away; the person is a male) studying that caused him to choose this new approach to classification of organisms? 2. ( 6 points) The scientific names of some fungi seem to change often and the changes are often irritating to people who are trying to either study the history of a fungus or keep up with its
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/15/2008 for the course PLPA 2010 taught by Professor Hudler during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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PlPa_201_Midterm_Exam_2007_copy - Name MAGICAL MUSHROOMS...

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