Disconnectedness of Youth

Disconnectedness of Youth - III Kids not...

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Disconnectedness of Youth Kids are plugged in -Ipods, tv hours, internet hours - Connected through facebook and myspace All making kids inclusive -No actual interaction between people -Not learning from other’s experiences and parents Effects on kids and church -Increase in depression, suicide, and decrease in church attendance Call to Action = unplug and look for opportunities to help others unplug as well, reach out and start conversations I. Intro (Josh) -Skit = narrator, and everyone’s on the bus, plugged in, thoughts are heard by audience and show how if riders were communicating with each other, relationships could be formed, things could be learned ex: “Man, I really feel lonely” Person B’s thoughts: “Gosh I really want someone to go to the rot with me” etc -Play on title of connectedness= everyone’s connected in their own ways, to themselves, to their electronics…just not to each other II. Kids Plugged in (Sarah) -Increase of hours on tv, in front of the computer, time spent on facebook/Myspace
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Unformatted text preview: III. Kids not interacting (Ebony)-Inclusive lifestyle leads teens towards not interacting with each other, not learning from experiences, and not from parents. Dealing with problems on their own-too independent too soon- not relying on anything that church is telling you, or even conscience, because of music and media IV. Media’s Effects on Kids and Church (Alison)-With angst and emotional music and media press for those who are struggling the most, its now popular to not know what life’s about and to be dark. Increase in depression and suicide, and decrease in church attendance. V. Conclusion (David) - Review of the points, call to action; invest in other’s lives, back to bus scene of everyone forming relationships because of one person initiating it. Collaborate with Joshs ideas on skit (Chairs facing each other, someone unplugs, off the bus, then we say: “DISCONNECT”...
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