Media’s Effects on Kids and Church

Media’s Effects on Kids and Church -...

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14/11/2007 22:50:00 Media’s Effects on Kids and Church (Alison) -With angst and emotional music and media press for those who are struggling the most,  its now popular to not know what life’s about and to be dark. Increase in depression and suicide,  and decrease in church attendance.  With the most troubled celebrities getting the most media attention, catapulting them to A-list status, it’s no wonder so many of today’s teens are beginnisng to see having problems as something to flaunt and a means to bring attention to oneself. Our connectedness to mediums full of secular input allows teens to be fed empty lies of this world. This creates an anxiety and hopelessness about the state of the world, the idea that being troubled is a way to express ones individuality, only increasing with the overwhelming amount of media out there. Think thousands of cable channels, the infinite Internet- there’s so much information being thrown at you, yet nothing feels substantial enough to grab hold of. Donna Gaines, Ph.D, a sociologist who studies teen issues stated: “In recent years, teens seem to be experiencing a sort of generational depression. Many young people are broken by family trauma, competitive school status hierarchies, environmental disorders, and fear of terrorism. They start to feel that there’s so much
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Media’s Effects on Kids and Church -...

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